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Thread: Uncensored and Uncut Explicit Movie and TV Scenes

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    Les fruits de la passion another scene

    Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Illiers, Arielle Dombasle "Les fruits de la passion"

    another scene of Fruits of Passion

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    Duration: 01:22

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    Les fruits de la passion

    Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Illiers, Arielle Dombasle "Les fruits de la passion"


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    File type: avi
    Resolution: 704x456
    Duration: 00:22

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    Also Known As (AKA)
    Fruits of Passion (undefined) / International (English title)
    Die Frchte der Leidenschaft West Germany
    Los frutos de la pasin Spain
    Os Frutos da Paixo Portugal
    Shanghai Ijin Shkan - China Doll Japan
    Ta frouta tou pathous Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)

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    Laetitia Casta and Joaquin Cortes in Gitano

    Laetitia Casta and Joaquin Cortes in "Gitano"

    The Spanish movie "Gitano" has several strong points, however plot is not on that list.
    The good news for most of us though is that #1 on that list is that French Supermodel Laetitia Casta shows off her amazing body in a couple hot sex scenes.


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    File size: 129 mb
    Resolution: 1280x720
    Duration: 05:50

    Dont forget to leave a comment if you like my work... : ))

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    La Mirada del otro

    La Mirada del otro

    Horrible spanish movie, but Laura is magnific. You see her breasts many times, her big ass and her public hair: she has to make a guy come, so she puts her vagina in face of him and he starts to work. Big tits, big ass, big beautiful woman.


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    Duration: 09:46

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    L image The Punishment of Anne

    L'image/The Punishment of Anne

    Radley Metzger?s finest film in many exploitation film fans? eyes. It is certainly an interesting film if for nothing but for it?s very existence. It is a rarity to see careful and meticulous hands take on a story that is so explicit and amoral in many viewer?s estimation. Metzger is a wizard at his craft, no doubt about that, but it?s a shame that his craft was and still is considered to be filth, as this film is by no means mainstream or even nearing social acceptability in terms of even what today?s typical NC-17 film offers as far as sexual content limits. This film has scenes that are well past that limit.

    The story is about a writer named Jean who meets an old girlfriend named Claire at a party and upon reestablishing some relationship, he finds her life is basically saturated in sadomasochism. Her slave, Anne, is obviously a major part as well and makes for the most insightful character analysis. The film cuts sharply straight into its themes of dominance and submission in an anterior sense for Jean, in a deeply experienced sense of authority for Claire, and of course in a vulnerable and docile role for Anne. The character commentary is pretty solid, mainly because these kinds of roles are seen so infrequently. I don?t want to insinuate that the film is a study, because it?s not. It is vintage exploitation, so its priority?s are for the most part elsewhere.

    It?s difficult to comment on in detail, but this movie pulls off being a decent film while at the same time containing elements that most would think were gratuitous. Let?s face it, in today?s American Culture any nudity is deemed gratuitous nudity and as artists, film makers are bound to create films that don?t touch on so many elements in this area of the human psyche. This is no surprise as films like this one, In the Realm of the Senses, Ken Park, some of Catherine Breillet?s work, and many others are often reduced to being called filth despite containing the majority of elements it takes to tell an important story, make a crucial observation and pull at some strong sense of the human spirit. The image does just that.
    In the bathroom

    It also does something all films should consider. That is allow for total freedom of creativity regardless of consequences. Metzger took a story that was about genuinely graphic things and in turn made something few people consider possible, a quality film that explores these unconventional and offensive elements. There are and were some directors who did this, but none I can recall that were quite as carefree as Metzger was for his time. I recommend this film, but do remember that this is a low budget foreign film that one may only come across if ever taken a keen interest in this tiny and bizarre sub-genre.

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    File type: avi
    Resolution: 720x400
    Duration: 14:57

    (celebrity, movie download, uncut, uncensored scene, naked, nude, Humiliation in the bathroom,Slave girl Anne retrieving her whip, Jean, Anne, and Claire at dinner.)

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    Kleinruppin Forever 2004 German

    Anna Brggemann, Karoline Hugler & Mirjam Neebe Kleinruppin Forever 2004 German

    Frequently compared to Good Bye Lenin! (2002), the German romantic comedy Kleinruppin Forever (2004) similarly explores the distinctions between life in East and West Germany circa the mid-1980s. Tobias Schenke stars as Tim, a West German teen who dreams of becoming a tennis phenomenon. On a school trip to the GDR, Tim is shaken when he?s introduced to his long-lost identical twin...

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    Resolution: 712x572
    Duration: 02:37

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    Ken Park - Naked pillow fight and Group Sex

    Ken Park - Naked pillow fight and Group Sex

    Celebrity Tiffany Limos Nude Blowjob and Threesome Sex Scene

    An another highly explicit sex scene in mainstream movie. Tiffany Limos is laying nude between two guys and kissing passionately. Then a guy is having sex with Tiffany Limos in Doggy Style position and meanwhile Tiffany is sucking another guy?s cock. Then we see that Tiffany Limos is giving oral job to the guy who was having sex with her in Doggy Style. Again scene changes and the first guy this time giving oral job to Tiffany Limos. Then again Tiffany is giving blowjob to the guy and then having sex with both of guys at once from front and back. A hottest hardcore sex scene in Hollywood mainstream movies.

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    File size: 32 mb
    Resolution: 712x400
    Duration: 03:18

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    Kelly Preston - Mischief - Very Hot first Sex Scene HD

    Certainly one of the Top 5 nude scenes ever !!!!!!!

    Kelly Preston - Mischief - Very Hot first Sex Scene HD

    Kelly Preston having fun with a young guy in Mischief (1985). She removes her bra, let the kid play with her magnificent tits for a while and then go to bed to make love.

    In this surprisingly explicit teen movie sex scene, Kelly Preston takes off her bra and panties for the delectation of Doug McKeon, revealing her breasts (Oy!) and a glimpse of pubic hair (Oy! Oy!). He feels her breasts, and the two climb into bed, kissing and stuff, before he promises that, in the absence of condoms, he'll pull out before "anything happens". Unsurprisingly, they get carried away, and, after he initially has trouble finding the right entrance (it's his first time!), the two are at it, Kelly's wonderfully round breasts on display throughout. She keeps banging her head on the head board as he goes at her, but both seem to have a good time until Kelly realises he's failed to fulfill his promise (well, who could?) of pulling out (DrPhibes)


    Fast Rapidgator Link:

    (perfect,tits,body,kelly,preston,mischief,hd,hiqh quality,uncut,scene,first time,Brief Buns,She takes her bra of and exposes her plentiful boosoms.)

    File size: 385 mb
    Resolution: 720x480
    Duration: 08:47
    No Password ; )

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    Kelly Brook Tree

    Kelly Brook "Tree"

    A Modern Day Classic

    I'm not sure if others saw an edited version of the film but when a gorgeous woman with D-cups spends 99% of the movie naked or in a bikini, it's hard to find any fault. Is it a great movie? Not really but is any movie with Billy Zane? At least they tried to come up with a plausible plot (it's more than - hey a guy or hey another girl, let's amke out ... not knocking that but at least this is an attempt) ... plus it's in HD ... but like everyone else, we came for the Kelly Brook show.

    Her first scenes take place on a yacht - again, she fills and strains the fabric of her bikini nicely merely by walking from the side of the yacht to the onboard hot tub. On closer inspection, perhaps they are double D's :-) That night, she & Billy are in bed, she wriths around in a black bra and Billy takes off her shorts - revealing a thong and side view of her backside. She leans over but does not take off her top. Eventually she is on her back while Billy ties her up. She still has her top and thong on...
    from movie
    After something happens on the yacht forcing everyone to jump ship, she & one of the crew guys arrive on this desserted island. She of course, has one outfit - her white bikini and a wrap. Just when you think this will be some crazy tease movie, she finally decides to unleash it all - she walks towards the ocean and with her back to us, unties her top and drops her bikini bottoms, it's just a quick glance but you get a full shot of her backside, butt, crack and all. She bobbles in a water for a bit before making a quick dash for the shore though the enormous weight of her chest are holding her back so she has to slow to a walk to break free of the waves :-) We can see they're real and they're spectacular.

    Then later on, the big centerpiece scene where she first tries to fight off the guy coming out of the water but decides to give in - on her back, there is a continuity issue as in some scenes, the bikini top has been pushed to the side and in others, she is clearly topless - clearly the crew members during this scene would've been too stunned to recall if she's all topless or mostly topless ... by the time they finish, her bikini top is wet and see through anyway.

    later on, if you have doubts as to whether she might have second thoughts or think it was um, desserted island date rape, she joins him for a midnight tryst. You definitely have to crank on the brightness but it's many minutes of her topless bobbing up and down in the water facing the guy.

    The movie then drags onto a couple different endings - all the while with her in her bikini but that's it for the nude scenes.

    So, while it's not wall-to-wall nudity, it's a gorgeous all-woman Kelly Brook in a bikini or nude for 99% of the movie - not sure anyone is entitled to complain ...


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    File size: 266 mb
    File type: divx
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Duration: 06:21

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    Kelly Brook Jessica Szohr Piranha 3D

    Kelly Brook Jessica Szohr Full nude swiming and more in "Piranha 3D"

    Swimmg nude with Kelly Brook, this real life porn star (look her up, you won't be dissapointed) makes her mainstream debut with some excellent acting in the few scenes she has. The nude swimming is excellant and you really do get to see everything as she swims around nude. Excellent breasts, butt and shaven pussy all in glorious 3D! Also a very nice seduction scene where a hot naive teen is talked into drinking tequila off her before a nice kiss. Very hot. (Gothamite1 )

    Quality of the video so good that you can see all details : ) first photo only for you. Zoom version!!


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    File size: 269 mb
    File type: Avi
    Resolution: 1280x536
    Duration: 06:12

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    Katrin Hess in Romeos

    Katrin Hess in Romeos

    Katrin exits the shower with a towel around her waist, leaving her heavenly hoots visible to an unexpected visitor.

    Bavarian babe Katrin He has graced European SKINema and television with her chesty charms since 2008. This adorable brunette has earned recurring roles on such popular series as Verbotene Liebe and Alarm fur Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei. Katrin went on to make her feature debut in Sabine Bernardi's psychosexual drama Romeos (2011).

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    File size: 12 mb
    Resolution: 712x572
    Duration: 00:55

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    Kate Winslet Hot Uncensored Scenes of The Reader

    Kate Winslet Hot Uncensored Scenes of The Reader

    She is still very Hot..!!!


    DOWNLOAD from Rapidgator:

    File size: 183 mb
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Duration: 02:52

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    Kate Norby The Devils Rejects

    Kate Norby forced nudity - The Devils Rejects

    Swear to god, I thought this woman was Amy Poehler from SNL when she first shows up in Rob Zombie's latest, "The Devil's Rejects." The skinny brunette with the infectious, chirpy laugh is shown showering just before the eponymous psycho-billy family begins brutalizing her and her traveling C&W group (including top-of-her-form Priscilla Barnes) at a backcountry motel. There's a long, humiliating full-frontal scene of Norby being dragged from the shower that, I'm ashamed to say, is extraordinarily titillating. Norby, as she appears later in the movie, is the misshapen, bare-legged figure shown on movie posters for this hilarious gorefest. Way to go, Rob! (Bluetick)

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    File size: 19 mb
    Resolution: 720x384
    Duration: 01:16

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    Kate Dickie Red Road HD

    Kate Dickie "Red Road" HD

    Kate is a thirty-something brunette with a slender frame. This is a gritty naturalistic movie and the fimmakers have made no attempt to soft-light or glamorise the actors but I thought Kate looked pretty good in her first nude scene in the movie where she stands naked in her bathroom revealing small dark-nippled breasts and a curvy rear-end in good (if harsh) light for long enough to get a good overview of her body. <P><P>Her second nude scene is a sex scene, again gritty and naturalistic, in which her co-star Curran spends a good part of what is an unusually long scene with his head between Kate's legs - a rare sight in movie sex. The scene is oddly lit, partly the light from a lava lamp, but the viewer still has a good view first of Kate's breasts and then, as her co-star works down her body and pulls off her jeans and knickers, of a clump of dark springy pubic hair. The view is mainly down Kate's body to her bush and - as the angle is from above - revealing rather than gynaecological. The oral sex goes on for some time until Kate's character reaches orgasm and then there is penetrative sex which is less revealing of Kate's body, though there are still several good looks. Afterwards there are a few more brief reveals as Kate dresses hurriedly. An intense sex scene of unusual verisimilitude, which some will find erotic and others will find to rough and unpolished.

    Fast Rapidgator Link:

    File size: 303 mb
    File type: avi
    Resolution: 1280x704
    Duration: 08:23

    (celebrity, movie download, uncut, uncensored scene, naked, nude,Explicit sex scene)

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    Karen Lancaume Raffaala Anderson explicit sex in Rape Me

    Karen Lancaume, Raffaala Anderson explicit sex in "Rape Me (2000)"

    Female French porn stars! How those words gladden my heart. But of course being French either Karen or the other one also wrote the novel on which this film is based. Or it was written by the director who was a porn star also.
    So basically all these ex/present/wannabe porn stars get their revenge on the patriarchy (its a French film remember) by producing a film in which they give as many men as possible blow jobs. As a Feminist man I say--bravo!
    Karen Lancaume (Bach,like a lot of porn stars she has 17 names and about as many holes) is a delicious looking woman--tall,domanatrix figure but with the face of a kindly priestess. So when she almosts sucks one of the actors cocks out from its moorings the eroticism is off the scale.
    I saw this on video first and that version seemed to be much more porn than arthouse. The DVD is much more arthouse,essentially it doesnt seem to have as much French heavy metal hiphop as the video version.I may be wrong.
    One thing--Karen`s a good actress she does a scene when they check into the hotel where she`s obviously smitten by the male receptionist--and fully-clothed in ordinary attire very sweetly and mildly erotically, flirts with him. He may have been one of the actors in the three/four way
    orgy that takes part in the next scene but I wasnt looking at his face.
    So if you want porn get the video,if you want art get the DVD...but skip the dvd extra which is the pornstars being interviewed about what they hate about the industry. Do the French have a word for `ironic`? (stalepin)

    Fast Rapidgator

    File size: 66.8 mb
    File Type: Avi
    Resolution: 640 x 480
    Duration: 08:28

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